Holy Week – Part1

This week is often called “Holy Week” as it focuses on the most important event that have ever taken place on this earth – the death and resurrection of Jesus. It just so happens that in my daily read through the Bible I am reading through these events in Luke. I thought I would share some of the things that speak to me as I read through the story again. Perhaps you might want to read through this with me every day.

Today, I was reading through Luke 22. Even though the events aren’t funny at all, I found some points of the story comical and others powerful. Here are some quick thoughts from Luke 22.

– Before the Passover meal, v.3 says that “Satan entered Judas”. No wonder he did what he did.

– At the Passover table the disciples starting arguing as to who was the best disciple (v.23-24)!! Seriously? With Jesus right there? Jesus response spoke to me… “The one who rules” should be like “the one who serves.” That challenged me as a leader.

– Jesus told Simon (Peter) that he prayed for him that his faith would not fail (v.32). Some might wonder if Jesus was praying that Peter wouldn’t betray him. I believe he was praying that after Peter’s royal failure of denying Him…that he wouldn’t stay trapped in a prison of shame for what he had done!! Some people live there, while Jesus prays you repent and move on!

– Jesus knew all hell was going to break loose, so he told his disciples “if you don’t have a sword, go buy one” (v.36). (I wonder how the anti-gun liberals feel about Jesus at this point.) The best part comes in verse 38, his disciples said, “See, Lord, here are two swords” (as they pull out these huge swords from under the table). All I could picture would be my staff pulling out some concealed carry pistols and saying, “See, we’ve got a couple here now.” I wonder if Jesus knew his followers were armed??

What speaks to you from Luke 22?

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