Holy Week – Part2

As I continue to read through the events of the week of Jesus’ death and resurrection, I want to encourage you to join me. This morning I read Luke 23.

Here are some thoughts…

– The people who weren’t bias against Jesus (Pilate and Herod) found nothing wrong with him. Only the people with an agenda found fault in a man who said he was the Son of God and backed it up with miracles.

– I found it interesting that Pilate and Herod were enemies until the day they both met Jesus (v.12). Evil seems to unite around injustice!

– The Jews accused Jesus of “stirring up the people” (v.5) and subverting their nation (v.2) and demanded he be crucified. On the flip side they asked for Barabbas, a man “thrown in prison for insurrection in the city” (v.19) to be released. That makes no sense!

– One of the saddest pictures of leadership is found in verse 24. Due to the pressure of the people, “Pilate decided to grant their demand”. True leadership is not always popular, but should always do what is RIGHT!!

– Jesus’ statement “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing” (v.34) still blows me away. How could anyone say that while guys are driving stakes through your flesh is beyond me.

– The people watching Jesus on the cross just didn’t get it. They challenged Jesus to prove he was the Son of God by saving himself (v.35). It was never God’s plan to save Jesus from the cross. It was his plan to save US through the cross.

– I wonder how scared everyone got when darkness covered the earth in the MIDDLE of the day. I would have started freakin’ out about then.

– No on took Jesus’ life. He gave it up. I love that! (v.46) Jesus called out with a loud voice, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.” When he had said this, he breathed his last.

We owe our life to Jesus. We owe everything to him. Never loose sight of what He did for you that dreadful day!!

One thought on “Holy Week – Part2

  1. Amen brother to all you said, we all need to take this time to celebrate Jesus’ life, death, and ressurection and what it all means to our salvation….It is a joyous time indeed!!!

    But there is one thing you wrote in your post that I would like to expand upon for anyone who reads it. It’s in regards to the Jews.

    When we quote scriptures of how the Jews rejected Jesus and had Him crucified we need to be careful…. Alot of people (including myself) used to hear these versus preached and concluded that “ALL” Jews rejected Jesus….

    But if one reads the scriptures in context they will discover that ALL Jews did NOT reject Jesus….nor did ALL Jews have him crucified.. Yes it was ‘most’ of the ‘religious’ leaders in Jerusalem and a large number of people at that time, but not ALL…In today’s terms it is like saying ALL tea partiers are extremists, ALL republicans are pro-life, etc…

    We as a church need to remember that the majority (thousands) of early followers of Jesus were ALL Jewish…..I could go on and on here quoting NT scriptures for days about how ALL Jews did not reject Jesus, but I won’t…. All I will do is try to remind people that Jesus was(is) Jewish…his diciples were Jewish, Paul (Saul) was Jewish and at no time did they renounce it even until death!!!…. and that the entire Bible was written by the Jewish people…. We need to be thankful for God’s chosen people.. the Jews!!!

    In closing, let us not forget that this week is also the Jewish Holy week of Passover and may we all pray for the thousands of our Jewish brothers and sisters whom have come to know their messiah (and ours) Yeshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus the Messiah)!!!!


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