Holy Week – Part3

The final chapter of Luke explains to bases for the Christian faith. Without this chapter, you could throw all of Christianity out the window. Take a moment to read Luke 24.

Here are some thoughts on the chapter:

– Some women went to the tomb to care for Jesus’ body and were shocked when it wasn’t in the tomb. Some angels reminded them that Jesus told them this would happen. Then they remembered! (v.8) We’re they not paying attention in Jesus’ class?

– The women ran to tell the other disciples. Now these guys had heard Jesus tell them that he was going to die and then come back to life 3 days later. When the women told them it was true…these words seemed like “pure nonsense” to them (v.11). After all that they had seen Jesus do? How easily does our faith waver when something doesn’t go as WE plan?

– The first place Jesus appears is on a road to Emmaus. He walks along with 2 guys who are talking about the events of Jesus’ death, but they don’t recognize him. Finally, they recognize Jesus when he takes some bread, blesses it and breaks it (v.30). Something unique happened every time Jesus did that!

– After this, Jesus magically appears in the room with all the disciples (v.36). How fun must that be!! He proves to them he is not a ghost by eating food with them. Still blows my mind that after all the disciples saw Jesus do (heal people, raise dead people, etc), they still struggle to believe he could come back to life!

– The fact that Jesus’ disciples had such a hard time believing he was alive, then history tells us they gave their life in martyrdom for Jesus, should be even more proof that it really happened. You don’t give your life for a fake story!!

– Before Jesus left this earth, he told his disciples that he went through the events of Holy Week, so that the “repentance for the forgiveness of sins would be proclaimed in his name to all nations.” (v.47) He left us all with a mission. We are to proclaim to the world what He has done!!

This year I was captivated by the events of Holy Week. If you find yourself bored with this story, then perhaps you’ve never experienced true forgiveness for your sins. Honestly, the more I grow closer to Jesus, the events of his death and resurrection become so much more meaningful to me. They don’t get boring, they get even more exciting!! I thank God that He did not leave us to die for our own sins. Without Jesus, we’re all doomed!

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