How big is BIG?

We are in an exciting season as a church. We are preparing for the launch of our Lancaster Campus on September 9, 2012. This is yet again another BIG step of faith for us as a church.

We throw around the phrase “BIG step of faith” a lot in the church world. We say, “I know it’s a big step of faith, but you need to take it.” But sometimes we try to apply that phrase to rather small steps.

  • I feel like I need to attend church more regularly.
  • I should really start serving somewhere.
  • I need to mention my church when I’m at work.

Although these steps of obedience can be significant in one’s life with Christ, that doesn’t make them a BIG step of faith.   We have undervalued what it means when someone or some church goes “all in.”

The reality is this. We have announced to the city of Lancaster, “We have a new church coming for you on September 9, 2012.” We have passed out thousands of invites so far. We have purchased a billboard on the main route. We have put ourselves out there!

We have also committed to buying everything we need to make this launch successful, even though we don’t really have all the money. Some could argue that is foolish. I understand that. But I could also make a great argument that sometimes faith looks foolish at first. God told Abraham to sell his house and move his family without knowing the destination. God told Joshua to march around a city instead of attacking it. David went out to face a giant warrior with a just a few stones.

It’s scary. I’m nervous. But I also feel God leading us to do this. And when your Faith is bigger than your Fear…you are bound to take some really BIG steps of faith.  A big step of faith is one that if God doesn’t do something…you will fail.

I’m just praying that God is leading our ENTIRE church to take a big step of faith with us as we attempt to help more people get on the path to God in Lancaster and beyond.

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