How much does happiness cost?

Solomon wrestled with the idea that having stuff would make him happy. You can read about all the things he desired and acquired in Ecc 2:4-10.

His wealth afforded him the opportunity to buy every piece of real estate he wanted. He hired servants to do everything he didn’t want to do. He even enjoyed the pleasures of many, many women (harem). Today, most of us would probably do the same given the financial opportunities. Except for the harem part, I hope!

There is this idea built into the fabric of our country that happiness is something we can achieve through wealth and fame. We even profess the “pursuit of happiness” as one of our rights.

This leads us to think…if only I could get a new car, then I’d be happy. One day we’ll get that new LED TV and be happy. If I only had the newest golf clubs, I’d probably be a better golfer. And we all know that definitely makes us happier!

The problem is everyone is pursing happiness, but few are finding it. Solomon proves this point. All the money in the world won’t buy you happiness. Most agree with that statement, yet don’t want to believe it.

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