I don’t like watching movies again.

I personally don’t like to buy movies. After I watch a movie, I rarely ever want to watch it again. Of course, there are some exceptions. (Elf, Rocky IV, Christmas Vacation, etc.) It’s just not exciting for me to watch a movie that I’ve already seen before. I already know how it ends, why watch?

I wonder if Easter feels like that for some Christians. If you are like me and have grown up in the church, Easter might feel like watching the same movie for the 30th time.

One of the earliest stories we teach our kids in church is about the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. For great reason, it’s the most important part of our faith! Many of us have been exposed to this story dozens of times.

After a while, I think it is easy to take for granted what this story means for us. Our salvation becomes a movie we’ve already watched. We are ready for something new. Regardless, we will go to church on Easter, because we feel HORRIBLE if we don’t. Let’s face it, that’s the one weekend we were told NOT to miss.

However, I have FOUND A REASON for wanting to watch this movie over and over again. All you have to do is experience Easter through the eyes of someone who DOESN’T know Jesus, and it all changes! The moment you realize that someone who needs hope comes with you to church and experiences that hope – you will never see Easter the same again.

This Easter, I want to encourage you to experience Resurrection Day through the lens of someone who needs Jesus. Do whatever you can to bring someone to church with you and watch what God does in them. If you want a new appreciation for what God can do through a story you’ve heard so many times before – invite someone who hasn’t seen the movie. And pray like crazy that nothing stands in the way of what God wants to do in their life.

I promise you; it will change the way you view Easter.

See you this weekend.

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