I want it so badly

Have you ever wanted anything so badly that you feel like you are going to explode if you don’t get it?  I remember moments as a kid feeling that way about the latest video game or pair of  the trendiest sneakers.  As I’ve gotten older I have found that I still get those feelings.  It is amazing the lengths we’ll go to get something we think we must have.

We often look at those feelings as being very negative.  But that same drive in us can also lead us to passionately pursuing God.  What if it wasn’t the new car that we wanted so badly, but to see God do something amazing today?  What if we wanted to know Jesus so much that it affected our life and schedule?  What if we wanted to see God use us to lead people to him more than anything else in this world?  Would we do anything to make it happen?

When I feel this way, I am reminded about how Jesus taught his disciples to pray in Luke 18.  He said, “Pray without ceasing.”  Never give up.  He even shared a story about a widow who bugged a judge for justice so much that the judge finally gave in to her.  Imagine, Jesus is telling us this is how we are to pray!  Bug God.  Annoy Him.  Drive him crazy.  (Of course you can bug God all you want for a shiny new sports car, but read James 4:2-3 first)

Is there anything you want so badly that you won’t leave God alone until it happens?  I want it so badly.  I want even more.  I sound like a kid!  But to my heavenly Father, I am his kid.  So God, I want to see more people surrender their lives to You.  I want to see people changed by your presence.  I want you to use me even more.  I want it so badly…

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