I wonder…

I have thoughts that I ponder often in my head. I thought today I’d share them with my blog world!
Here are some random things I often wonder about.

1) Do other people who are not in full-time ministry think about the church as much as I do?

2) Why are some Christians the weirdest people I know?

3) If I had started playing golf when I was 2 years old…could I have been a pro-golfer? (of course the answer is no, but I still wonder)

4) What is our church going to look like in 1 year?

5) Is my staff really going to hell? (Inside joke)

6) How many people live around central Ohio who never go to church? And why?

7) How many people say “Crossroads is my church”? Because we only see some of them once very six weeks and Christmas and Easter.

8) Why so many people in the church today think they can be a Christ-follower without doing any of the things he COMMANDED us to do?

9) How God is going to fulfill the dreams I feel he has given me for this church? (Sometimes it seems impossible to me)

10) Will I ever get to play golf this year?

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