I’m quitting social media!

Ok, not really, but right now I almost want to quit.

I’m sure we could all agree that social media has provided us many good things. It has helped us remain more connected to friends and family and has helped raise awareness around worthy causes. I have also seen some of the ways in which it is destroying us.

Social media has given a voice to everyone. In times of injustice, social media has given a voice to people who will stand up for the hurting. But unfortunately, social media platforms have also given a voice to the deepest depravity in our culture.

What sparked this blog post was a video that ESPN made in an attempt to stop online bullying. The video depicted men reading other men’s tweets aimed at women who work in sports journalism. However, what made the video real was watching random men read these comments face-to-face with the women that received them. Here’s a link to watch it.

To say I was floored by the lack of respect would be an understatement. Honestly, I was embarrassed and a bit ashamed of my gender. Aren’t we supposed to be the ones who are “man enough” to say something to someone’s face? There is NO way these comments would have ever been said if they were face-to-face with the person. Disgusted.

Yet, I know that this isn’t just a gender issue; this is a SIN issue. Women are just as guilty of online bullying as men are in this country. I have seen comments made from teen girls toward other girls that are disrespectful and demeaning. Sometimes people just follow someone so they can DM them hurtful comments, then they unfollow and block that person so they can’t respond. When this happens to people I know, I want so badly to say or do something the would probably cause me to lose my witness, at the very least.

Unfortunately, giving a voice to sin will lead to so much hate and hurt through outlets like social media. If things continue to trend this way, I predict that many people will leave social media platforms in the future. I really do see the good that can come through social media, but at some point, we might have to decide if it is worth all the baggage that comes with it.

To everyone reading this, I want to challenge you to first check your own heart. If you are someone who sends private messages to hurt others, or you spew your hateful comments behind a shrouded screen name, you need to repent and delete your social media account. Every person of every race, gender, or religion is created by God. They are special to Him! I would think twice about demeaning God’s children.

Here’s a link to a series I did earlier this year on social media.

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