Introduce Christ this Christmas

Everyone knows about Christmas.  But not everyone knows about Christ this Christmas.  Perhaps one of the greatest gifts you could give to someone is to introduce them to Christ this Christmas.

I know that seems odd and slightly uncomfortable for most of us.  We feel like we are intruding or invading someone’s private space when we talk about Christ.  We are being conditioned by our culture to say “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas.”  But people are craving something more this Christmas.

Just today I stopped to invite a couple of people that I see in the gym regularly.  I gave them each an invite and told them about our Christmas Experiences.  One lady began to tell me how she grew up Catholic, but really didn’t stay connected to God.  That was until about four years ago when she went through one of the hardest times of her life.  As she is telling me this, she started to cry.  All I did was give her an invite, and here she was telling me about her life’s struggles.

This made me think about how much people need Christ this Christmas.  How many people seem like they have it together this season, but are really dying on the inside?  Perhaps they just need someone to extend Christ to them.

Who have you invited to hear about Christ this Christmas?  We try to make it very easy for you to invite someone to hear the Gospel this Christmas.  And when you invite them, don’t just give them an invite and walk away.  Ask them to come with you.  Ask them if you can get them a ticket so they can attend with you.  And don’t be so easy to back away.

Oh, and hurry… because we are running out of room quickly this Christmas.

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