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I think sometimes it is easier for us to invest in a system rather than in people.  It’s less complicated to create a uniform system where everyone is recruited, given a handbook and told how to operate.  But we have seen the limitations of systems in the church.  Sometimes they help, but other times they can actually hinder.

The church is in the PEOPLE business.  We are called to reach PEOPLE with the Gospel.  We want to see PEOPLE get on the path to God.  So we’ve decided to invest in our people rather than any curriculum.

I believe that if we can equip and train leaders how to care for and lead a smaller group within the church, that our entire church will grow spiritually.  So we are taking many steps to find and invest in new leaders.

Here are some of the things we are doing for the leaders:

  1. Walking them through an application process.  (This can be started on the web, but it will finish with the personal help of our ccGroup leaders)
  2. Our ccGroup leaders are making themselves available to meet one-on-one with leaders if the situations calls for it.
  3. Offer up regular training sessions for anyone who wants to lead a ccGroup to give them the tools to do it well.  I believe the first scheduled training is August 11th.  Contact Mike McCoy for details.
  4. We want to regularly bring leaders together to share ideas and continue to provide them with tool for leadership.
  5. We are doing a series coming up to raise the bar of leadership within our entire church.

Jesus took 12 young guys who had nothing to do with ministry and turned them into leaders who changed the world (okay 11 of them).  He invested the majority of his time into those guys.  We want to do the same thing.  We are investing in our leaders!

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