Is it a blessing, burden or both?

This morning I was thinking about the “white death” that was beginning to fall. Although we might want it to miss us, there is nothing we can do about it. You can complain about the snow storm all day long, but it’s here! A thought hit me this morning about the many things that happen to us in life that we can’t control.

In everything that happens to us we can see a burden or find a blessing.

The snow might seem like a burden to you. It means more back-breaking work with the shovel. It means a higher risk on the roads. It means cold weather is here.

But isn’t it amazing how that same burden also brings a blessing.

My kids don’t have school today. They were jumping up and down cheering because of the snow. Last weekend I got to ride a 4 wheeler around our snow covered neighborhood…which was a blast. The landscape looks more beautiful than at any time of the year…IMO.

Consider that behind whatever snow storm you are facing in life…you might actually find a blessing. I bet it’s there!

171 thoughts on “Is it a blessing, burden or both?

  1. I want to thank you, your blog is bringing me strength at this difficult time. My brother took his own life last week, it is something that no one can find answers to but this “snow storm” that we are all going through,….I know God will help us to find a blessing in the midst of this storm.
    God Bless.

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