It’s all up to you.

We just wrapped up an incredible series called Live Life.  We all have a life to live, but not everyone lives it.  The truth we discovered is that life wasn’t meant to be lived alone.  God has created us by design for community.  I believe there is no greater community to be part of than the local church!

This past weekend we showed a powerful story of why community matters.  It can be easy to simply attend church and never truly get plugged into it.  Sometimes it’s even more convenient to stay in the shadows of a big church.  But we never know when we will need close relationships from our faith community to carry us when our faith is tested. That’s what happened to Janice when her husband had a massive brain bleed.  If you haven’t seen this story yet, you need to take the time to watch.

Live Life – Week 6

My fear is that people will walk away from this story and think “I’m glad she had those people around her for that moment” and never consider that this could happen to any of us.  You may not have anything tragic going on in your life…right now.  But that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

Many people experience tragedy, and they don’t have a community to rally around them.  The tendency is to blame the church! “They weren’t there for me!”  “They didn’t run to my aid when I was hurting!”  “It seems like no one cares about me.” But the truth is this…this community can’t carry you if you don’t take the steps to be part of it!

We can’t expect the people of this community to run toward us in our time of need, if we aren’t already a REAL part of it. You see, to have a friend, first you have to be a friend.  To have a community to support you, you have to support others in the community. Simply put, you have to take the step!

The real message I want you to see from Janice’s story is that SHE TOOK THE STEP!  She and Israel got connected through serving and in a ccGroup.  They took the step to build relationships.  That is why her story is so beautiful, because she wasn’t ever alone…not before it happened, not during and not after. Had she and Israel just simply attended our church, I believe her story may have been completely different.  I believe their family wouldn’t have seen the Gospel lived out.  

But it is her story.  It is because they became a real part of this community, and people loved them sincerely. That is how it works.

So what are you waiting for? Take a chance.  Step into this amazing community!

You can join one of our new 6 week experimental ccGroups beginning this October by simply texting ‘ccgroup’ to 24587 and someone will contact you very soon.  Or you can go to our website here and look for a group that fits your situation.  Or email our Communities Pastor – Pete Jankowski today.

Another great way to get connected at your campus is to join a ccTeam.  Janice and Israel did this and built relationships through their serving environments.  If you want to get more connected – start with All Access. It’s a one-time experience that happens each first Sunday of the month on our campuses.  Click here to register for All Access.

We want you in this community. But, it’s all up to you!

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