It’s finally here!!

I wanted to share one final post to our church regarding our Christmas Experiences!

Tonight launches our greatest opportunity of the year to share the Gospel with a lot of people.  We have given away over 1200 tickets and expect every experience to be FULL. If you didn’t get a ticket or maybe wanted to invite a friend who doesn’t have one…JUST COME.  We’ll make room.  Many of us will give up our seat for someone who doesn’t know Jesus.

Each year our staff, band, tech crew and volunteers invest hundreds of hours to prepare for this week.   Why?  Because presentation matters!

I firmly believe that HOW we present the Gospel is incredibly important.  The reason so many people have been tuned out to this “good news” is because we have not always done it justice when sharing it.  It must be real.  It must be relative.  And I believe it should be gripping!

We are hosting hundreds of guests over the next few days.  So here are some final tips if you want to be part of this Gospel presentation.

  1. Be NICE.  You will probably have to wait a little to get seated.   You will be packed in tight to make room for everyone.  The parking lot might be a bit chaotic.  Simply remember that the person next to you may not know Jesus.  How you act in front of them will say as much about the One we worship as my message will.  The Gospel must be displayed as much as relayed.
  2. Be Servants.  We have had many people step up to help us greet, seat and treat our guests to a VIP experience.  If you have not signed up to serve at 1 of the Christmas experiences but still want to, email
  3. Be Prayed up! Whether you have an unsaved guest coming or not, pray for the hundreds that will come that don’t know Christ personally.  I am sharing the Gospel and we are offering an opportunity for people to accept Jesus.  Pray that many hear the truth and respond.  When the invitation is given, be praying for people to open their hearts.
  4. Be Excited. Be ready and enthusiastic to worship our Savior.  His coming meant our saving.  We are here to celebrate his birth, not think about it.  If you have experienced His salvation, then you should be pumped to let Him know what His coming means.
  5. Be Early.  If you have kids age 4 and under, be early to check them into ccKids.  I would recommend showing up around 15-20 minutes early, because you don’t want to miss the beginning.  In other words, don’t show up late like most do to church every weekend!

I so can’t wait!  See you this week.

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