It’s not a competition

Today I met with some local area pastors who are all about my age leading great churches. We try to connect every month or two.

There is something very cool about our group. None of us feel like we are competing with each other. In fact we joke about how many people attend one church and then land in another.

What makes this group of pastors so unique is that everyone is more focused on building the Church than they are their own church. We celebrate growth and accomplishments together and offer advice and support during the challenging times.

I am truly honored and privileged to link arms with these guys. It is so refreshing to see the what God is doing through the next generation of leaders in our area.

To me church is not a competition. It’s not about trying to get more people in our “fold” than the church down the street. Instead, I believe God has called us to complement each other and in so doing together His Church and Kingdom grow!!

137 thoughts on “It’s not a competition

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