It’s the leader’s fault

As I read Exodus 32:21 I got a little scared. Moses asks Aaron, “What did these people do to you, that you LED them into such a great sin?” Now remember that this wasn’t Aaron’s idea. The people were pressuring him to make them a god to worship. He was just stuck in a tough position as the leader.

And yet as Moses surveyed the situation he turns directly to the leader in charge and says to him, “What did you LEAD them to do?” What a sobering thought. Aaron lack of godly influence was responsible for leading them into a sin.

If you are a leader of any type…that should scare you a little. The Bible says that we are all held accountable for what we personally do. But the Bible also says that as leaders, we are ALSO responsible for how we lead the people God has given to us. (James 3:1) Responsibility comes with the authority given to leaders.

Aaron could have led the people OUT of a sin, but his lack of influence led them INTO a great sin. Our influence as leaders has that much impact on the people we lead. If you are a business leader, are you leading your people OUT of sin? Are you making sure they do things with integrity and not to “fudge” the numbers a little. If you are a ministry or church leader, are you leading people OUT of sin? When they ask to do something that could lead to sin, do you step in and say “I don’t think this is the right thing to do”?

Influence is something leaders gain as their followers begin to trust them. Influence is everything to a leader. So what are you influencing people to do? I have to ask…because you can be sure God is going to ask as well.

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