It’s turkey time!

We all know what time it is, right? It’s turkey time! That time of the year when we gather with family to gorge ourselves and watch football. Sounds awesome to me!

But this week, in all your gluttony (which by the way is a sin), take some time to thank God for the many good things in your life. Here are some of mine:

God, thank You for…
…saving me!
…my hot wife.
…my wonderful kids. (most of the time)
…my health.
…my job.
…my car that is old but is still running well. 🙂
…my amazing church.
…the people I get to work with every day.
…how financially blessed I am.
…my Iphone.
…allowing me to make dumb mistakes, but still using me.
…the leaders who are crazy enough to lead with me at Crossroads!
…giving me an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives.
…asphalt at the church.
…the many people who are investing their lives and money in our kids future at church.
…the people who serve every weekend at our church.
…my wonderful administrator who takes very good care of me.
…my wonderful in-laws who invested in this church plant with me several years back.
…the many great pastors who have mentored me from afar.
…my Iphone. (did I say that already?)
…saving me! (Yes, I did say that already, but I don’t ever want to take it for granted)

Take a moment and think about all that God has done for you and in you!

30 thoughts on “It’s turkey time!

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