Just do it

It’s time the church gets serious about what Jesus commissioned us to do.  It’s time to connect with those around you.  It’s time to build relationships with people who are heading to hell.  It’s time to wake up!   I hope and pray that the people in my church are feeling inspired to do something about it.

Inspiration without perspiration becomes information.

Inspiration with perspiration becomes transformation.

What are you waiting for?  Just do it.  Get active.  Tell someone about why you believe in Jesus.  Ask someone if they go to church.  If not, ask them to go church with you.

What if they laugh?  What if they don’t appreciate me asking?  What if they look down at me?  Or…  What if they are looking for a church?  What if they are looking for God but don’t know where to find him?  What if they just moved to the area and have no friends?  What if they are thinking about killing themselves, because no one cares?

Stop playing the “what if” game in your head and just do it.  Stop waiting for the bright light from heaven to shine down to prompt you.  Just do it.

The other evening a few of us went out to eat after an awesome 4th Wednesday service.  I try to always carry invite cards for the series we are doing at church.  At the end, I pulled one out and invited our waitress to church.  You never know how someone will react.  But as we began to talk about it, she said…”My family is looking for a church”.

You never know who you will meet and whose life you can touch by something as simple as handing out an invitation to experience God.  Invite as many as you can.  You never know who you’ll meet and how God can use you to change someone’s eternity.

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