Just let it happen…

This past Sunday, I shared the new direction we are taking with our groups.  They are now called ccGroups and with that name change comes an even bigger strategic change.  We have for many years had groups focused around doing the same thing (rehash the weekend message, bible study, etc).  They have been okay…but we are not fine with “okay”.

We are attempting to remove the road blocks to allow community to happen.  I believe when we simply allow true community to happen, discipleship naturally occurs.  Here are some of the key thoughts from this past weekend’s message based on Ephesians 4:11-13.  If you missed it, catch it later this week on our website.

  • The pastor is NOT responsible for discipling the church…the church is responsible to disciple each other.  (Wow!! That was something I never captured in this text before.)
  • Pastors and Teachers ARE responsible to equip or train the church to disciple each other.
  • We don’t need another system or method to force discipleship, instead discipleship happens when people in the church are empowered to do what God asked them to do.
  • We are not going to invest in methods or classes, but rather in people – to equip leaders to facilitate discipleship.
  • Church leaders have often hindered this because we’ve wanted to control it.  (I am guilty of this as well)
  • What is one thing you absolutely love to do and are passionate about it?  (Ride a motorcycle, play golf, scrapbook, read, etc…)  Could you imagine doing that for God and getting to help others as well through it?
  • We are empowering our people to form a group around something they LOVE to do.  When people love the same things, they want to be with each other.
  • Some might object to this because they think it is “too shallow”.  To that I say, “When you’ve lost your job and have no money for bills and food and people in your “shallow” group step up and give you money and food, you probably won’t think it’s shallow anymore.”
  • I believe we can triple our ccGroups almost over night.  We have received TONS of requests already to form new groups or join one.

Some of the groups that people have expressed interest in forming are motorcycle groups, exercise  groups, outdoor groups, knitting (yes I said knitting) groups, reading/book groups, sports groups, business groups, and more.  I really believe this has the potential to create a deeper sense of community than we have ever known at Crossroads.

If you were inspired to be in a ccGroup or form a new one, go here and take the next step.

I’ll share some more thoughts on this throughout the week.

2 thoughts on “Just let it happen…

  1. we have done this at our church… we have a motorcycle riders group, tennis group, etc. and you are right about it not being shallow… this is where true relationships are formed. i love hearing all the things happening in your church. God is on the move for sure. God bless!

  2. Pastor Tim.
    I been to your church twice and its a new change for me but i love the ideas you guys come up with to bring more people to know christ. These ideas i heard this past sunday are amazing ideas and i love the church and the ideas behind it and believe this will be the church i attend for many days to come
    Thanks Freddie

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