Keeping Life Simple

Do you ever feel that life is far too complicated? Technology has made life more convenient but also more complicated. We have gadgets with more buttons that I can even figure out…and I worked in a technology field for years. Every year we have to file taxes that can be so complicated that many have to pay an accountant. In fact these complicated lives seem to come with a lot of stress.

I’m reading a book right now called “Simple Church”. In this book, the authors argue that with life being so complicated, what people want most is simplicity. A lot of time we think of simplicity as boring and uninspiring. But that can’t be farthest from the truth.

I believe people do long for simplicity. The government has made filing taxes a complicated mess. Thank God for TurboTax, a software package to help you simplify the process. Consider Apple’s Ipod. People love their little Ipods. If you think about the design, they are extremely simple. One big button.

If people long for simplicity, then why do we often make church so complicated? Recently I spoke with someone who accepted Christ for the first time. And after a brief discussion with this person, I realized how hard it is to know what to do after making that decision. It has challenged me to create a simple process to help move people from making the decision to follow Christ to becoming mature Christ-followers.

Our church has adopted a simple vision. We are about “Helping people get on the path to God.” That is our focus. That is our vision. What is this path? It is four simple words. Connect…Grow…Serve…Go. The amazing thing is that God gave me this strategy before I ever picked up this book I’m reading. To me it’s confirmation that making life simpler is God’s desire too.

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