Know your type

This week I’ve had all of our staff take the Myers Brigg Personality Profile test. It’s amazing how answers a series of questions can pinpoint people’s personalities. These test can be fun, but it is what we do with these test that is important.

As I read the description for the type of personality I am, I was confronted with the things I’m not that good at doing. I realized I must deal with those revelations in one of two ways.

I can say, “That’s not true” and ignore my perceived “weaknesses”.
I can say, “That must not be how I am wired.”

When we try to fight the way God wired us, we will struggle. God wired each of us differently. I’m learning that I don’t need to try to become something I’m not, but rather surround myself with people who can be what I’m not. Just because I’m not wired to do a specific job doesn’t make me weak…it proves that’s not who God made me to be.

Begin to honestly assess yourself. Here’s a link to a free typology test. Begin to embrace the way God made you even if that means seeing how He didn’t make you. Be unique. Know your type.

362 thoughts on “Know your type

  1. That is amazing. I took the test and it was exactly right on. The test nailed my personality. It also explained career paths that I have been looking into for a long time, but afraid that maybe I wouldn’t be good at them..Now I know that I am meant to a least give them a try…. Thank you for this test… I am so excited that God made me exactly who I am and I need to be proud of my type!

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