Ladder Leadership – Part2

Yesterday, I talked about the Ladder Leadership principle from Exodus 18:21. Today, I’ll share some more thoughts on the Leadership Ladder.

All of us start out at the bottom rung of leadership. I have never found a leader of thousands who wasn’t capable at the other levels. I believe anyone can develop the skills and character to lead tens. But not everyone is able to move higher.

One principle of ladder leadership that I have learned over the past years is: The higher you want to reach…the higher the sacrifice you must make.

The simple truth is this…
Some will never make it beyond the tens.
Some will never make it beyond the fifties.
Some will not have the capacity to move beyond the hundreds.

As you go up the ladder, the number of leaders decreases drastically. There is nothing wrong with a leader of tens. In fact, you need a lot of them to make your organization successful. Churches need a lot of Community Group leaders. Most businesses need a lot of supervisors.

But as a higher rung leader, you must recognize the cap of some leaders and be willing to make changes as your ministry or business grows. Some just are not willing to make the sacrificial investment in your company or vision to become a leader at a higher rung. Higher level leaders know the pain of having those conversations. They are willing to make the sacrifice.

But when you find ones who are willing to sacrifice time by reading books, going to leadership seminars, and doing whatever it takes to climb the leadership ladder…move them up.

What are you willing to sacrifice to move up the Leadership Ladder? It might cost you more time, more energy, more humility, more money…simply more.

Is it worth it? If you say yes, then you probably are a leader on your way up!

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