Let’s do this!

We are a little less than 1 week away from one of our greatest opportunities to reach people with the Gospel.  People who typically do not attend church will often attend around Easter or Christmas, if someone invites them.  We are expecting to interface with thousands of people between our Meggahunt and our Easter Experiences.

I want to challenge every person who calls Crossroads.tv their home to INVITE as many as you can.  This weekend, I will be speaking on this very subject and want to give you a few ideas to help you do that!

  • Personal Invite. Nothing is more affective than personally inviting someone to join you.  Don’t just tell them they should come, ask them if you can pick them up!  We have tons of invites at the church and will give you another pair of 3D glasses this weekend to hand out.
  • Facebook. Most people live on Facebook.  I want to encourage all of you to link this page on your Facebook page.  Talk about it on the Crossroads fan page.
  • Tweet it. Twitter is another valuable resource for getting the word out.  Link our page, the 3D video or our Facebook fan page on your twitter feed.  Then use hash tag #NEWin3D whenever you post about that weekend.

We are going to great lengths to create an environment where your lost friends and family will want to be.  I can promise you that we are working around the clock to make it the best Easter experience you’ve ever been part of.

Now we must all do our part and invite people!  Invite them to hear the Gospel and pray that God will open their hearts the the truth!

I can’t wait!!

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