LifeGroups are where it happens

We just got done having a LifeGroup guides (leader) development lunch on Sunday. Audry Slane, our LifeGroup coordinator, shared some great stuff to remind us all about the importance and power of small groups.

In our church we believe that LifeGroups are ESSENTIAL to growing closer to God and each other. I love our weekend experiences-when we come together as a larger group to worship. But in these small groups we find closer friends and the community we crave.

I’m personally having a blast in our LifeGroup. I see people growing and engaging the Bible like never before. It’s great to know that I have people who will support me and my family and pray for us. And best of all, this week we are having a cookout! The desserts alone are reason enough to get into one.

If you are not in one…you need to be. If not for yourself, maybe it is to help someone else. If you would like to find a group that will fit you click here!

6 thoughts on “LifeGroups are where it happens

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