Looking Back…

Here are some of my thoughts when I look back to Sunday’s experiences:

– WOW!!! Probably the most inspiring worship experiences we’ve ever had at Crossroads!
– I preached on baptism and we offered for people to get baptized that moment – completely spontaneous.
– A special thanks to Elevation Church for offering a Spontaneous Baptism Kit to help us purchase everything necessary.
– We saw 33 people get baptized yesterday! GOD IS SO GOOD!!
– We had first time guests who got baptized.
– One guy was so inspired watching the baptisms and knew God was calling him to do it that he ran to get baptized when we were done.
– This might have been the first time I had nothing to say with hundreds of eyes on me! So I thought I’d bust out a priest and rabbi joke… (Okay, not really)
– The church went absolutely crazy for everyone. The atmosphere was electric.
– This just reminds me that if you are willing to step out in faith that God can use you in ways you can’t imagine.
– We removed every excuse by purchasing shorts, t-shirts, underwear, bras, hair ties, flip-flops, towels and more!
– I am praying for everyone that stepped up to show their 180 change through baptism. I’m proud of you!
– Lastly, I love leading this church. This church is SO amazing and so many people are willing to do ANYTHING to reach the lost with the Gospel.

One thought on “Looking Back…

  1. Yesterday was the most awesome experience I’ve ever had at church!! I was so excited and most of the people I didn’t even know! That’s what this is all about, so many lives to be changed and souls to save! I’m still spinning from the excitement! I don’t know when I’ll quit talking about it……….

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