My dreaming problem

Lately, I have found myself dreaming bigger than in the past. I have always had big dreams about what I want to see our church become. I dreamed big before we started this church. But lately, I find myself thinking about things that most would say are too big.

But here’s the problem I have. My God is infinitely bigger than I can imagine (Eph 3:21). He has more power in his spoken words than I will ever see in a lifetime. He says in His Word that “nothing is impossible for God.” (Luke 1:37) So why shouldn’t I dream big? If my dreams are in line with what He wants to do, why do I shrink back from asking for the impossible?

I may from time to time put myself out there in ways that are far-fetched. I may sometimes dream beyond my capabilities to lead. I may look foolish when I let others in on my dreams. However, I never want to be limited because I asked for too little or dreamed too small.

I can dream big for our church, because my God has already done BIG things through our church. If only you knew the thoughts and dreams I have for our church over this next year!!!

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