My response to the state of our nation!

As we prepare to celebrate our Nation’s independence this weekend, I have so many mixed emotions. I love our country and everything that America has represented in this world. Yet, so much has transpired in our country in the past few weeks that can leave us with questions about the direction of our nation.

Just when you think we are progressing forward, we wake up to one of the egregious acts of hatred in Charleston, SC. My heart broke as I heard about the details about this vicious act of racism in a church. And then one of the most significant political decisions since 1973 was handed down by the Supreme Court to legalize same-sex marriage in our country. What does all this mean for our country? What should a Christian’s response be in such a time like this?

Well, I’m going to address these things as we begin our new series, Joseph, on the weekend of July 11/12th. I haven’t had an opportunity to share my heart through all this time with our church, but I will next weekend. I would highly encourage you to tune in for this very message.

Don’t forget, we do not have any Weekend Experiences on Saturday, July 4th. We will have all of our regular Weekend Experience times on Sunday, July 5th at both campuses. This weekend I have a special message to share about how we as a church are going to impact our city for Christ this summer. You will love it!

Have a safe and wonderful Independence Weekend!
God bless America

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