No average life

Did anyone ever aspire to be just average?  Probably not.  Yet no matter how much we want to be significant, reality sets in and somehow we settle for average.  We justify our average life by saying, “I may not be the best, but at least I’m not the worst.”

This past weekend, Pastor Tim kicked off our brand new series AVERAGE with the story of Simon Peter and tips on how to maintain your average life.

When Jesus calls you to follow Him, “Stay in the boat.”

Just continue to live your average life, safe and comfortable.  Jesus is asking you to follow Him, and He doesn’t even say where. That’s crazy!  It’s better to just stay in the boat.  Honestly, if Jesus really knew about the things you have done, why would He ask you to get out of the boat anyway?

When Jesus asks you to walk on the water, “Stay in the boat.”

You could walk on water, but you could drown.  Life will be much safer if you just stay in the boat. In the boat, there is no chance something could happen to you or that you might have to give your control over to someone else.

Do you get the sense of satire in these instructions?  Jesus wasn’t average, and He never called us to be average.

Simon Peter’s story is our story.  He had an average life in front of him, and then Jesus asks Him to follow, without knowing where.  He asks him to get out of the boat and walk on the water, even though he might fail.

Jesus is also asking you to love Him more than your safe, secure, comfortable and average life. How will you respond? He guarantees that if you follow Him, you will have anything but an average life.

Click here to watch Week1 of Average.

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