No more Chinese food!

  • As I write this, we close another chapter in life. Today is the last day of 2014. Later, most of us will toast in the New Year in celebratory fashion. I think most of us look forward to a New Year because it signifies a new start. It’s like we get another chance to get it right.

    I’m not sure what your outlook on this new year is, but I happen to believe it is going to be an incredible year for our church. I believe this because of what God is doing in me and what I am believing He is going to do in our church.

    I am believing that this year will be different for us all. I am going to begin this year inviting God to make me different.

    Every year, I like to take the first couple weeks fasting and praying for God to change me. It’s a grueling process that is not very fun, but I believe to be very effective. You see there are certain things I love to eat, pretty much anything with sugar! I have a serious sweet tooth. In fact, most of the time I would rather skip dinner and get straight to the dessert! I crave sweet stuff all the time, (and I’m not even pregnant!)

    So starting this Sunday, I am beginning my annual fast that will last until January 15th. I even gave it a name (cuz that’s what we pastors do.) It’s called “No sweets, meats or social tweets.” I give up eating any sweet stuff (hurts just typing it,) all meats (pizza and Chinese food…NO!!!!) and social media. I have found that at times I am addicted to social media. It tends to be the thing we do first when we wake up and never stop doing throughout the day.

    For me, disconnecting from social media and giving up food that I love causes me to get hungry in a different way. Because I take the time during this fast to pray, journal and read things that feed my soul. I have found that the more I feed my soul, the hungrier I become for what God is doing in me. It may not make sense, but that’s the way it works.

    So how will you begin 2015? Are you crossing your fingers that it will be better than last year? Rather than just hoping it will be better, why not try fasting and experience God doing something NEW in you!

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