Numb isn’t always good

Yesterday I had to pay the dentist a little visit.  I had 2 small cavities that needed filling.  That is never a fun experience.  As I left the dentist office with half of my face numb, I thought about the good side and down side to being numb.

Sometimes being numb helps avoid pain.  My dentists pumped my gums full of something that made the right side of my face go numb.  I appreciated the numbness as I listened to the sound of a drill digging out my teeth.  Likewise, this is why so many people turn to vices and other potentially destructive habits in their life.  They want to numb the pain they are going through.

  • Some husbands drown themselves in work so they don’t have to face the problems in their marriage.
  • Some parents start binge drinking because their kids are causing them incredible grief and they don’t want to feel the pain.
  • Some students turn to drugs because the high they get helps numbs the problems they are having in school.

But here’s the downfall to numbness…it doesn’t just numb the pain, it numbs everything.  For hours after my appointment my face was still numb.  It felt wrong.  It was difficult to eat and I couldn’t really enjoy my meal.

You see when you try to numb the pain, you also numb yourself to the good as well.  When you turn to vices and destructive things to numb yourself from the pain, you also become numb to God’s presence in your life.  You can’t hear him.  You feel numb spiritually.  You become numb to the special moments in life when really good things happen.  Your attitude is so drown in numbing sorrow that you can’t see the blessings God is bringing.

Being numb might be great for a dentist procedure, but turning to destructive means to numb your pain in life will cause you to miss out on the GOOD that God wants to do in it.  Instead, face the pain head on and ask God to extend his grace to you in the adversity.

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