Off the hook!

Our Grand Opening was off the hook.  I was blown away by the response to our opening.  I’ll be honest to say that I didn’t know what to expect, but I kept praying that God would do something bigger than I could imagine.  He did.  We had over 270 people show up.  We packed the house for our opening service.  Everything went really well and the response I received from so many people was incredible.

My most memorable moment was ten minutes before the service.  I went outside and looked at our parking lot which was nearly full. I watched as our parkers were trying to get people spots and saw dozens of people making their way up the steps.  Then I looked at our drive way and all I could see was a line of cars coming and more on the main road waiting to turn in.  I knew right then that God was doing something bigger than I could imagine.

I’m on cloud nine right now…

4 thoughts on “Off the hook!

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