On the ledge

Today, I want to talk about another facet of leadership. Leading! What a novel idea. Some people think being in a position of power or authority makes them a leader. Not! Leading is when you take a step in a direction no one else is headed and people follow you. That means if we are going to be leaders, we must be willing to live on the ledge.

I believe Peter, one of Jesus’ followers, often gets a bum rap. Sure he had a big mouth and often could squeeze both feet into it. But he attempted things that many of the other disciples wouldn’t. When the disciples saw Jesus taking a stroll on the water, they all freaked…but Peter was the one willing to step over the side of the boat. When Jesus was about to be arrested, the Bible tells us that all of his disciples deserted him and fled. However, Peter at least followed Jesus to see what would happen. Peter was willing to take risks, to live on the ledge for Jesus.

I believe that because Peter was willing to walk where others wouldn’t go, that is why Jesus called Him to start the church. Jesus told Peter that he was the foundation/rock that Jesus would use to build his church. As a leader, the thought of living on the ledge drives me. I want to lead in a direction that hasn’t been done before. What about having church services on Friday evening? No one does that, right? But why not? We may some day. Who knows. Live on the ledge.

3 thoughts on “On the ledge

  1. Hi Tim! I really like this. I agree 100% living and walking the path no one else has makes you step out of the boat, and run the opposite way for Jesus. I’m Going Public whether i walk just me and Christ or others follow. Great blog man! Keep it up =D

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