One Incredible Weekend!!

This past weekend was a record-breaking weekend for our church.  I cannot tell you how proud I am of all that we as a church accomplished in this one Easter weekend.  Getting to play a small part in seeing so many lives changed by the Gospel is an honor and a privilege.

Church, don’t ever take for granted what we are seeing God do in our church!!!  We had an estimated 2,000 people show up for our mEGGaHunt, which went off without a hitch!  And get this, just 4 years ago on Easter we had about 140 people attending 1 service. This past weekend we had over 1,400 people attending 3 Easter Experiences!

It was the official Grand Opening of our newly expanded auditorium, and I’m excited to say that we filled all 3 Experiences! We had our largest crowds ever!

But what I’m most excited about is the number of people who received salvation in Jesus! We had 33 people who told us that they made commitments to Christ, with more stories coming in via email.  That alone makes everything we did worth it!

I want to thank the scores of volunteers and our staff who poured their lives into making this Easter weekend such a great success. Your dedication to helping people get on the path to God is humbling.  I’m so proud of our church! I believe that we are just getting started, and it doesn’t end here.

This coming weekend we are kicking off our new series Ruined:Rescued.  It may be one of the most powerful sermon series we’ve ever done.  Not because of the preaching, but because of the stories we are sharing.

I want to encourage you to keep inviting people.  You never know how God could use this upcoming series to rescue someone who may be feeling ruined.

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