Yesterday, I stood on stage and ripped up our membership role. We now have 0 members. I can’t wait for people to ask me, ‘how many members do you have?’ It’s always the first question I get asked when people find out I’m a pastor. We have made a shift from membership to partnership.

When I look at the picture of the church in the New Testament, it seems people were more like partners than just card-carrying members (see Acts 2:44-47). I believe partnership makes sense for many reasons. First, we are already members of the universal church the moment we embrace Jesus Christ as our Lord. It almost seems redundant to “join” a church as a member again. Secondly, I believe that every follower of Christ should personally take ownership in the commission Jesus gave. That means you are more than just a member, but you are a partner with Him.

It might seem the same to most, but I want people in our church to take ownership of the mission we have and to work with us (partner) to help more people get on the path to God. Instead I asked individuals to partner with this church so we can work together to accomplish the mission of the church.

Plus its great to say, “Howdy partner” to so many people at church.

Any thoughts on partnership vs. membership?

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