People are hungry

I firmly believe that people are hungry for what the church is serving. What are we serving…the Bread of Life (Jesus). This past week several of us went into the streets of our community to hand out free 180* energy drinks and free DQ cones to promote our new series and invite people to church. The response was overwhelming. It just showed me that people are truly open and I believe deep down hungry for something.

Most people are trying to fill that hunger with material items, relationships, wealth and anything they can buy. But all of those things still leave us hungry. Sure they take away the hunger pangs for a little bit, but after the newness wears off you still find yourself hungry. Jesus said that if anyone “eats” the Bread of Life (eternal life through Jesus), they will never be hungry again. (John 6:35) Only Jesus can satisfy our every need.

People need what we have – the Bread of Life. We must be ready to share it. Crossroads folks…I am believing God for something big this weekend. Stand with me and pray that people come and “eat” the Bread of Life this weekend. Bring someone and beg God to move in their life.

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