Power of Delegation

Over the past year and a half, as our church has seen incredible growth. I thank God for it! But with that growth has come a growing responsibility for leading the church. My leadership knowledge and style has been challenged on every level. One area that I have grown not only to understand but to embrace is Delegation.

You never know the importance and power of delegation until you are in a place where you NEED to delegate. I remember going to a conference in Dallas, TX years ago and hearing about the importance of it from Ed Young. But it didn’t completely click with me then because I didn’t have as much of a need. Today, I understand more of what he said than I did back then.

As long as we continue to hold on to the control or power, we will never become as effective as we want to be. We must wade through the false excuses in our mind about why we can’t let go of the some things to do what is MORE important.

This week I will talk about how delegation has set me free to do more of what I love and some of the challenges I’ve face learning to delegate. I will share my own insights as well as some of the things I learned years ago in Dallas, TX. Whether you are a mom leading a handful of kids at home or a person in a place of leadership at work, these posts will be invaluable to you.

Do you struggle to delegate tasks or control to those around you? If so, why?

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