Praying for your friends

This week I challenged our staff to fast food for one full day and to pray for people that we will have an opportunity to meet this weekend. As we hold our Megga Hunt and Easter Experiences, I am praying for God to move in ways we have not seen yet. To be honest, I’m desperate for God to transform lives.

I believe that many people in our communities are desperate for a God they can’t find. They wonder if there is hope, but are not sure how to find it. Sometimes desperate situations call for desperate measures.

I want to invite you to join me today, Tuesday, in praying for the lost and broken in our area. Perhaps even fast with us and take time to pray that God moves in people’s lives this weekend through our church. Pray for someone in particular that you can bring to church with you this Easter. I promise you they will hear the gospel. And I am convinced that when the gospel is shared, God moves. (Rom 1:16)

If you follow me on twitter (@followtim), simply tweet the name of someone you are praying will find Jesus and I’ll pray for them today.

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