Preparing for a Fast

I hope you are gearing up to do the 11 Day fast with us this year.  If so, I thought I’d share a few thoughts on how you can prepare for a fast.  The more you prepare for it, the more you will get out of it.  Try some of these things in the next few days.

  • Get a notebook or journal so that you can write down your prayers and any ways that God speaks to you during it.  (This can be through an impression while praying, Bible verse that grabs you, encouragement from others, etc.)
  • Make time in your schedule to read your Bible and focus on God without distractions.  If you are not sure what to read, find a reading plan to start from
  • Consider making 2 times to pray each day during this fast.  Perhaps in the morning and in the evening.
  • Write down whatever you are praying for and keep it with your Bible/Journal.  If you have something particular you need direction or wisdom for, keep it in front of you during the fast.  (Please include our church and our 5/10 dream in your prayers)
  • Plan what you are going to eat.  Put together a menu of things you can eat during this partial fast.  The most frustrating thing will be trying to find something to eat when you are hungry.  This may cause you to quit the fast.
  • Buy the right foods now.  Don’t wait until the fast begins to buy what you are going to consume during it.  Get it now.
  • Print out the Fasting Guidelines and keep a copy with you at home and maybe one with you on your phone or at work.
  • Get yourself mentally and spiritually prepared to ENGAGE God during this time.  A fast is not just a challenge of your will power, but rather a challenge to align your will under HIS power.  Giving up foods without a purpose of connecting with God spiritually will simply cause you to be a grouch.
  • Expect God to move in your life.  Expect God to speak to you.  Expect God to meet you, because He will.

I know this will be challenging for all of us.  But I believe that desperate times calls for desperate measures.  The world around us is desperate for the Truth.  We have to figure out how to take it to them.

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