Random Thoughts

I am excited to get back to preaching.  Being off for this many weeks has been killing me!!

I hope this new series called TXT inspires people to get into their Bibles!  Should be a great series for people who want to know more about their Bible.

God is good even when I don’t feel like it or see it!

When is the last time you thanked God for what you do have?  Too often we take for granted our health, our families and our jobs!

Is this new spending package from the Government really going to boost our economy?  I must admit I am skeptical.

We are planning a crazy Easter egg hunt at our church.  Have you ever seen 10,000 eggs before?

Again…can’t wait for this Sunday!

3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. The reason I brought up dropping eggs from a helicopter was when you mentioned the 10,000 Easter eggs. It reminded me about something that Pastor Steven Furtick said they did in their early days.

    That is dropping Easter eggs from a helicopter. Don’t really understand the concept, but I guess it worked for them.

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