Red Shirts!

On Monday I got to help clean up parts of Lithopolis with some amazing people from our church. It was an honor to serve along side of about 40 people from Crossroads. Impact week is going strong and the affects are being felt. We still have many hours left to serve…so keep it up Crossroads.

Here are some pics from Impact Week.

One thought on “Red Shirts!

  1. We are on our way to being a church that would be missed by our community if we ever had to leave!

    It is my goal as the Executive Pastor of Crossroads to become “that church” in the eyes and minds of the people in our area-

    “….that church cleaned up the streets of Lithopolis!”

    “…that church fixed my gramma’s porch for free!!”

    “….that church gave us food when we couldn’t buy groceries!”

    “…THAT CHURCH is AWESOME!!! I am so glad they care more about our community than just sitting inside their building having services!!!”

    I am proud of all of you!!!


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