Removing Roadblocks

Last night I had the opportunity to speak to over 30 of our ministry leaders here at Crossroads.  I shared with them some of the changes we are making which will be unveiled at our Volunteer Event!

Some people might wonder why we are constantly changing things.  It’s really simple.  Our vision demands it.

Our vision is “Helping people get on the path to God.”  Everything we do focuses on how we can reach someone who is lost and help them find Christ.

In order for us to do that, we must constantly remove the roadblocks for people.  Believe it or not, but our programs, methods and systems can become those roadblocks.

What worked for you at a 100 people probably won’t work at 300 people.  As you continue to grow, so must your programs, methods and systems.

Unfortunately, this is where most organizations STOP growing.  They fall in love with their systems or methods that once worked but have now become roadblocks to future growth.

Every system and program is being put under the knife right now so that we can be more efficient and effective at reaching people for Christ.

Stay tuned!

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