Social Networking – Part2

I have found great value in social networks like Facebook and Twitter. (I’m just using Facebook and Twitter as my examples since they are the most popular right now. Yes there are new social networks emerging all the time.) I have re-connected with old classmates over facebook. I receive inspirational tweets from pastors around the globe. Social Networks can add some real value to your life. However, let me caution you that there are some dangers involved with them as well.

Facebook can be an easy cover for “meeting people online”. In other words, what can start out innocent in meeting “old friends” online can turn into emotional or physical affairs. I only receive tweets from people I follow, but my list of followers is always growing from people I don’t know. When I look to see their profile I find people trying to use Twitter to promote pornography or other inappropriate stuff. We must approach social networks with the same caution we do anything in life.

While social networks can add value to your life they can also be dangerous. We must take precautions to protect ourselves and our witness while on these networks. Here’s a good rule to live by: Don’t say or do anything online that you wouldn’t do in person with your spouse or your parents in the room.

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