Sometimes you need the mess

I feel like we’ve been working in a construction zone for quite some time. Not only has our church undergone reconstruction with the addition of our new youth facility, but our office area has been as well. I must say it has been so hard to work in this environment. Frankly, it’s been a mess.

The irony of our construction hit me today as I was preparing to speak to my staff. It was easier to get things done before we started construction. My office was setup. Life was easier for me. Then we tore everything down to make it better. It sure didn’t feel like that at the time. But we did it so that we could be even MORE effective after the construction. The new office area looks and feels much better and should help all of us become more efficient and productive.

Sometimes you need the mess in order to become better at what you do. Sometimes you need to take something that works, break it down, in order to make it work even better. Honestly, we must be willing to take that same approach with ministry. I challenged all of our staff leaders to take a hard look at their processes so we can tear them down and make them better. While this might not feel good and is a little chaotic, I believe our church will be better for it.

What do you need to reanalyze in your life? Could you be more efficient at your job if you to an objective look at how you are doing it? Could you make more time for your family if you reworked your schedule?

Sometimes you need the mess…

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