Special prayer event

Tomorrow, September 8th, we will be holding a special time of prayer from 12-1pm at the church.  This time is specifically set aside to pray for the hundreds of names that have been submitted to us.  These names represent the lives of people who don’t know Christ.

We are gearing up for a big weekend at Crossroads with the launch of FAQ and celebrating our 2 years in Lithopolis.  We are prayerfully expecting God to move in a POWERFUL way.

Join us this Wednesday as we agree together for the lives of our friends and family that need Christ.  Then bring them on Sunday and expect God to move in their lives.

One thought on “Special prayer event

  1. Please add the names Leslie and Averi. I have invited 12 people so far, and I am believing they will come. I can’t be at the church tomorrow because of work, but I will be praying with you guys!

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