Still hard to believe.

I try to read through the Bible every year. It’s just something I do to keep myself continually in God’s Word and to develop my relationship with God. I’m amazed at how God will use specific moments in the most unlikely parts of the Bible to speak to me.

Lately, I’ve been reading through both Leviticus and Matthew. Honestly, I push through Leviticus so I can get to read Matthew. Leviticus is a hard read at times. For much of it, God details the way in which the priests had to offer sacrifices for everything. There was a peace offering, a guilt offering, a sin offering, offerings just for the priest and an offering for sins you didn’t know you committed!! It was a bloody process too. Today, as I was reading more about this laborious process, I also happened to be reading about Jesus’ death in Matthew. Something stirred in me. It was an attitude of appreciation! It was an attitude of amazement. It was an attitude of disbelief.

Jesus went through this bloody process…for me! He was my offering! He was the lamb who sacrificed it all for me. What did I do to deserve the Son of God taking such great abuse so I didn’t have to? I had this overwhelming sense of gratitude for His grace. I didn’t deserve it…but He did it.

I guess maybe the account of Jesus’ death in the NT gave me a new appreciation for laborious account of sacrifices in the OT. I simply still have a hard time believing that God would do that for me!

I share this because tonight our church will gather during Night of Worship at our Lithopolis Campus to worship God and take communion. For me, it will be a special moment. Sure I’ve done it hundreds of times, but for this moment, I have a greater appreciation for what it means.

I would encourage you to join me tonight at 7pm as we take communion and remember what Jesus did for us. It’s still hard to believe.

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