Stuck in a Blizzard

(My daughter, Lauryn, on a 4-wheeler during the blizzard)

This weekend we were pounded with one of the biggest snowfalls we’ve ever had here in Ohio.  It’s being called the Blizzard of ’08.  We received about 20 inches of snow in about 30 hours.  It seems that any time we face a natural force of any significance it makes us feel smaller.  It reminds me of how big God really is.

The first night of the storm, my father-in-law rode down to our house on his 4-wheeler.  We hooked up a sled to the back and pulled our kids through the snow on it.  The next morning, as we still were being dumped on, we got out the 4-wheelers and before long all the kids on our street were joining in the fun.

As I was crusin’ around the block on the 4-wheeler I saw more of my neighbors than usual. In fact I even stopped to chat with some neighbors I had never met.  Nobody was on the roads as they were nearly impassable.  And yet it gave us a real sense of community.   We all live such separate lives and when something like a blizzard or even natural disasters come, it has a way of bringing people together.  I think that’s what I’ll remember most about the blizzard of ’08.

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