Success or failure?

I was pondering this thought early this morning.

Man’s idea of success is not always God’s idea.
Man’s idea of failure is not always God’s idea.

Let’s face it, we often measure our own success or failure based on what people think. The boss didn’t like my presentation. My co-workers didn’t like my idea. Everyone loved my joke, I must be great at telling them.

The truth is…what we consider success and failure is not always what God considers. For me as a pastor, I can let success ride on how much people liked a sermon or the number of people who show up for a service. But even that may not be successful in God’s eyes. Likewise, I might consider a lack of response or attendance to lead me to believe I have failed…when in God’s eyes I may not have!

The only way to know if we are successful or not is whether we are doing what God has called us to do. If God calls me to preach a message that people don’t want to hear…I might be a failure in the eyes of man but a success to God. Am I okay with that?

So the next time you are ready to own a success or a failure, ask yourself whose opinion are you basing it on. If it is on what other people say or think, you will be happy one moment and miserable the next. Live your life to please only One!

One thought on “Success or failure?

  1. I believe we have to remember that we can’t always see every way that something we are doing is having an effect. A few months ago I found your website, and I started looking around. One day I sat down long enough to listen to your entire concluding message on making the 180. Now I know that main point of that message was about turning around something about yourself that needed to change. We all have those things we need to change about ourselves, but that wasn’t my battle right then. What I needed to change was where I was going to church, and the fact that for a long time, I had not been going at all. This had been a real struggle. Leaving a church where you have been for a many years is scary. What if I’m not able to keep my friendships? What if I don’t make new ones? What if people are upset or mad at me that I left? What if I can’t find a new church that I like? What if….? I finally had to weigh all these “what ifs” against “What if God has something else waiting for me, and I let fear hold me here?” I knew that a change was long overdue. God used your message to speak to me, and I was finally able to let go of those fears. The impact that God can make with His message through each one of us is so much more than what you can see. You are completely right when you say that you can’t let the human reaction become the measure of success. If God put it in your heart to say it…say it. Even if you don’t see the results right in front of you or right away, there is someone listening who needed to hear exactly what God gave you to say.

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