Sunday Recap

This past Sunday we continued our F.A.Q. series for the third week.  I had someone ask me if we can just keep this series going forever.  I think many Christians just want a straight answer from the Bible about many of the questions they have.  We have been shooting straight from the hip each weekend, this being no exception.  Here are some recap highlights:

  • All of the questions we answered were focused around relationships.
  • Much of the message was aimed at singles.  It was pretty cut throat and brutally honest.
  • If you are a single Christian and are dating a non-Christian you need to take in 2 Cor 6:17.
  • I have seen far too much pain from people who marry someone outside of God’s will and end up going through an ugly divorce.  God’s way is ALWAYS better than ours.
  • Answered the question about being a Christian and a homosexual.  According to the Bible…you can’t be.
  • I think the church has really screwed up when it comes to dealing with homosexual sin.  Many in the church have cast judgment and hatred rather than extending God’s love and grace to those who don’t know Him.
  • Really hammered home on the last question.  If I “live in sin”, but truly love God will He still accept my worship and singing?  Can we come to church and sincerely worship God if we are living in sin?   HECK NO!!  That doesn’t mean we have to be perfect or won’t screw up at times. But if you are WILLFULLY and KNOWINGLY living against God’s Word, I don’t think God is too receptive to our words of love.  That’s what Jesus called being a hypocrite (Mark 7:6)
  • Someone told me afterward that they never saw the sinful stuff they continued to do as the very things that put Jesus on the cross.  He said, “it was like you punched me in the face…” to which I replied, “yes, but with love and grace.”  Catchy phrase.

I hope that the message was received with love.  Because, I truly love the young singles in our church and I want to see them surpass my generation in accomplishing great things for God.

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