Sunday Recap

This past Sunday was an amazing day.   We opened our new series “What do I [heart]” with the band performing “My Sacrifice” by Creed.  It was possibly one of the best special songs we’ve ever done at Crossroads.  Got a standing ovation in all experiences.   The song was a great fit to the topic of our new series “Sacrifice”.   Here are some of the main points:

  • Jesus made a lot of statements that we like (He loves us and forgives us…), but he also made some statements that are just hard to swallow.  (See Luke 9:23-24)
  • Yes, I’ve always struggled at swallowing pills.
  • Whatever you value the most…you love the most…and you’ll be willing to sacrifice for the most.
  • We often shy away from sacrifice because it seems negative to us.  It feels unfair.
  • The rich young man that approached Jesus (Matthew 19:16-22) couldn’t sell his possessions and give the money to the poor because he only saw what he was losing.
  • The reason we shrink back from sacrifice is because we don’t see what God is offering!
  • Redefining Sacrifice:  “Giving up something you love for something you love EVEN more!”
  • When we see sacrifice as something gained of more value, it changes everything.
  • Jesus said if you give up your (physical) life for him, you will save your life (eternally).  Which is of more value?
  • Breaking a big pill into smaller pieces makes them painful to swallow.
  • Trying to do only part of what Jesus says will cause you to walk away from him “sad” every time.

The reason we are doing this series is because we feel that God is leading us into a new season of ministry and we will only be successful if we are willing to SACRIFICE for Him.  We announced on Sunday that we feel God is leading us to launch Saturday experiences.  As of Dec 4, we will have one experience on Saturday evening and 2 on Sunday at more of a prime time to reach people.   I know it will be a sacrifice, but I love seeing people come to Christ more than I do having my Saturday evenings free.  How about you?

More to come on this…

5 thoughts on “Sunday Recap

  1. I am so very excited about where God is leading Crossroads! McKenna and I both want to volunteer to help with ccKids on Saturday night. I just put it on my calendar. =) Who do we tell?

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