Sunday Recap

This past Sunday was HUGE for us.  I have been praying about this weekend and anticipating what God could do through us.  In every area of ministry, we went for it.   God moved.  Lives were changed!

Here are some of the highlights:

  • ccKids was over the top.  They had wild games for the kids and the response was AMAZING.  We will now have to take it up a notch every week!
  • The Concierge Team kicked off.  They did a phenomenal job and we received more 1st time Connect Cards than any other week besides our launch 2 years ago.
  • Watching a video recap of the lives that were changed in the past 2 years was moving.  I never get tired of hearing those stories.
  • We kicked of F.A.Q. with a bang.  People are LOVING this series.
  • Yes, I opened a can of beer on the stage.
  • We presented the Gospel in all of our experiences and the response was amazing.  I don’t have final count, but MANY gave their lives to Christ.
  • We handed out a bunch of Next Step kits.
  • I know of several students that accepted Christ.  LOVE THAT!
  • It was an epic day celebrating what God has done through our church in just 2 years.

I was so tired after the day, but moved.  Again, God answered so many of our prayers.  I firmly believe that what we’ve seen over the past 2 years is just the beginning.  I am expecting even more for the next 2.

Thanks to ALL of our volunteers and staff who put in extra hours to be ready for yesterday.  It was totally worth it.

One thought on “Sunday Recap

  1. The 2 year anniversary was fabulous. So happy that my wife and I discovered Crossroads. Learning more everyday about living my life for God and Pastor Tim does a great job relaying God’s word. Building a great spiritual family through Crossroads and excited to be part of helping people get on the path to God!

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